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5.17 IBM 8229 Local Area Network Bridge

The IBM 8229 Bridge replaces the withdrawn IBM 8209 LAN Bridge.

There are three models available:

The IBM 8229 Local Area Network Bridge allows devices on an IBM token-ring LAN to communicate with devices on an Ethernet V2 or IEEE 802.3 LAN. The 8229 converts the data exchange between the two LANs. To a device on the token-ring LAN, the 8229 appears as a bridge to another token-ring LAN. The 8229 is functionally transparent to any device on the Ethernet V2 or IEEE 802.3 LANs.

In addition, the 8229:

Figure - 8229 Connection Diagram shows a simple 8229 connection diagram.

Figure: 8229 Connection Diagram

The 8229 is configured to operate in one of two modes:

Mode 1 is described in more detail as it supports the TCP/IP protocol. In mode 1 two different conversions are supported: token-ring to Ethernet and Ethernet to token-ring. Figure - 8229 TCP/IP Support shows a layered diagram of 8229 TCP/IP support.

Figure: 8229 TCP/IP Support - Layered diagram.

Figure - 8229 TCP/IP Support shows the conversion process.

Figure: 8229 TCP/IP Support - Conversion process.

In the Ethernet to token-ring conversion the 8229 retrieves the source routing information associated with the token-ring destination address and inserts these fields and the fixed hex values AA AA 03 00 00 00 (SNAP header) representing the DSAP, SSAP, control and protocol ID fields into the frame.

The 8229 provides the following connections:

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