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5.15 RISC System/6000 Connections

The RISC System/6000 provides support for the following connections:

5.15.1 RISC System/6000 Parallel Channel Attachment

The RISC System/6000 supports the RISC System/6000 Block Multiplexer Channel Adapter. This provides high-speed parallel attachment between the RISC System/6000 and ES/9000, 3090, 308X and 4381 systems. A programming interface is provided at the device driver level to AIX.

The adapter device driver communicates to the same CLAW (Common Link Access to Workstation) device driver in MVS and VM as the 3172-3 mentioned in 3172 TCP/IP Offload.

TCP/IP for MVS V3R1, TCP/IP for VM V2R3 and AIX/ESA all support this RISC System/6000 PCA.

For more details, please refer to AIX Block Multiplexer Channel Adapter User's Guide and Programming Reference.

5.15.2 RISC System/6000 ESCON Control Unit Adapter

The implementation of the ESCON Control Unit Adapter is very similar to the Block Multiplexer.

For more details, please refer to Enterprise Systems Connection Adapter Guide and Service Information.

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