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1.3 IBM and the Internet

In this section we will discuss the architectural and product support that IBM provides for the Internet.

1.3.1 The IBM Open Blueprint

In March 1992, IBM announced the Networking Blueprint which is, essentially, a framework for structuring network diversity and complexity with consistency and flexibility. solutions best suited to your needs, irrespective of networking protocols and vendors.

The Open Blueprint is an expansion of the Networking Blueprint and incorporates the entire Networking Blueprint. The lower portion of the Open Blueprint is identical to the Networking Blueprint. The upper portion of the Open Blueprint is an expansion of the applications and application support layers of the Networking Blueprint to show more detail in the application environment. In this section only the networking portion of the Open Blueprint is discussed in greater detail.

What was the reason for the Networking Blueprint?

An organization's networking requirements are driven by the need for specific applications. Often the application requires a specific network protocol because all applications are written for a specific Application Programming Interface (API). Here are some examples:

All other popular transport protocols protocols such as OSI, DECnet, NetBIOS and IPX provide their own specific APIs.

As a result of this, you have to have multiple separate networks composed of different protocols, hardware components, bandwidth capabilities and network-specific management capabilities. Besides this you need skill in all these different segments.

The goals of the Networking Blueprint are:

What the Networking Blueprint is not:

In order to reduce complexity, the Blueprint is separated into different components which are discussed below. See Figure - IBM Networking Blueprint.

Figure: IBM Networking Blueprint

For further information on the IBM Networking Blueprint or IBM Open Blueprint please refer to the IBM publications G511-3096 and G326-0395.

1.3.2 AnyNet

The IBM AnyNet product family is the implementation of the Common Transport Semantics (CTS) in the IBM Networking Blueprint based on the emerging standard of Multiprotocol Transport Networking (MPTN). Please refer to Multiprotocol Networking described earlier in this chapter.

The idea behind AnyNet is to run matching applications which are designed to operate over one specific type of network over other networks. For example, you can run a host SNA printer application over a TCP/IP network. That means you don't have to install an SNA connection to this location beside the existing TCP/IP connection. The advantage of using AnyNet is the reduction of the number of different transport protocols. You can run all your applications over one kind of network if you like.

Table: AnyNet Availability

1.3.3 IBM Global Network Services

The IBM Global Network is a business unit made up of Advantis in the USA, IBM Information Network organizations worldwide and wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures around the world providing a rich portfolio of value-added networking services.

IBM Global Network solutions are designed to ensure your success in the worldwide electronic marketplace, and feature:

You can connect to the IBM Global Network and extend your reach without having to manage the complexity of multi-vendor, multi-enterprise or multi-national network environments. Over 5,000 networking professionals in more than 60 countries design, install, manage and operate the network, saving you the cost of network hardware, software and personnel. For further information please refer to the Advantis web pages starting at

1.3.4 Internet Connection Services

The IBM Internet Connection Services, a global service, is accessible in each country and provides full Internet access. The following services are available: Implementations

Included in the Bonus Pack of OS/2 Warp Version 3 is the Internet Access Kit which enables the user to connect to the Internet. Via a set of panels, you are requested to provide information needed for identification and registration. The billing is done via your credit card. The Internet Access Kit provides a complete set of Internet applications including WebExplorer, Gopher, Ultimail Lite, FTP etc.

Internet Connection for Windows provides a set of services and functions for the DOS/Windows environment that are similar to those described above for Warp. In particular, WebExplorer Mosaic provides WWW access capability. For more information about the World Wide Web refer to World Wide Web.

The home page for the IBM Internet Connection is:

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