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TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

5.12 3174 Establishment Controller

The IBM 3174 Establishment Controller Configuration Support-C Release 6 provides TCP/IP TELNET client support, to communicate with TCP/IP TELNET servers via its token-ring interface, for the following attached devices:

The TELNET hosts (servers) may be attached directly to the same token-ring which the 3174 is connected to, or they may exist anywhere in the network reachable via that token-ring and any bridges or routers. These TELNET hosts can also be non-IBM hosts that provide TELNET server support. 3174 Supported TELNET Terminal Types

For the coaxially attached display terminals, the 3174 supports the following 24x80 full-screen terminal types: IBM3101, DEC VT100, DEC VT220 and Data General D210.

For the ASCII-Emulation Adapter-attached ASCII display terminals, the 3174 passes the terminal data stream transparently to the TELNET server. This means that the TELNET server manages the display terminal as if it were a locally attached ASCII terminal.

The TELNET line mode is also supported for all displays.

In addition, TN3270 protocol support and Ethernet connectivity support are provided. TN3270 support allows the 3174 to support 3270 data stream traffic across TCP/IP links.

LPD and LPR printing functions are also supported.

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