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TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

4.20 Finger Protocol

Finger is a draft standard protocol. Its status is elective. The current finger specification can be found in RFC 1288 - The Finger User Information Protocol.

The finger command displays information about users of a remote host. Finger is a UNIX command. Its format is:
finger user@host
finger @host

The information provided by the finger command about a user depends on the implementation of the finger server. If a user is not specified, the information will typically be a list of all users currently logged on to this host.

Connections are established through TCP port 79 (decimal). The client sends an ASCII command string, ending with <CRLF>. The server responds with one or more ASCII strings, until the server closes the connection. Implementations

AIX systems have both the client finger command and the server fingerd daemon. TCP/IP for DOS and TCP/IP for OS/2 implementations provide the client finger function.

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