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B.3 Implementations

All major IBM platforms implement DCE. The various implementations are detailed below.

The Open Software Foundation (OSF) on April 7th 1995 named IBM's AIX Distributed Computing Environment (AIX/DCE) as the industry's first certified implementation. The certification process assures customers that any implementation of DCE, a base for open, distributed, client/server computing, fully interoperates with other certified DCE solutions. IBM intends to submit all of its DCE implementations for certification with OS/2 DCE the next in line.

B.3.1 MVS

DCE support is provided in the following features of MVS/ESA SP V5 OpenEdition:

IBM intends to upgrade MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE to OSF DCE Version 1.1. OSF DCE Version 1.1 will provide a foundation for RACF-DCE interoperation and for support of single sign-on between MVS/ESA and DCE environments.

MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE will provide support for DCE RPC over SNA networks in addition to the TCP/IP networks supported today.

IBM also intends to enhance and extend the set of MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE servers. The MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE Application Support Program Product will be enhanced to exploit the security extensions provided in the MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE Base Services and additional IMS transaction types will be supported.

New MVS/ESA OpenEdition DCE servers will include DCE Security Server and DFS Program Products.

B.3.2 VM

DCE support is provided in VM/ESA V2 with OpenEdition VM/ESA. VM/ESA V2 OpenEdition is based on OSF's DCE V1.02 and provides DCE RPC, DCE Threads, DCE Cell Directory Service (CDS) client support and DCE Security Service client support.

B.3.3 OS/400

DCE support is provided in DCE Base Services/400 V3. The following services are provided:

In order to develop DCE applications in the OS/400 environment the following is required:

B.3.4 AIX/6000

The IBM DCE for AIX family of products for AIX/6000 V3.2.5 was extended in October 1994 with the addition of two new members:

In addition the family includes the following members:

IBM DCE for AIX V1.3 is not compatible with AIX V4. However, IBM plans to provide these functions on an AIX V4 base in 1995.

B.3.5 OS/2 and Windows

DCE support is provided in:

DCE for OS2 and DCE for Windows consist of:

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