Introduction to Computer Science - C++


Course Description

Introduction to Computer Science in C++ is a first year computer science course designed to teach the basic concepts of computer science and Object Oriented Programming. A basic explanation of how a computer is built and runs is given. Details of the syntax of the C++ programming language including virtually all keywords and operators are taught. Loops, arrays, and functions are covered in depth. String manipulation functions are explained and re-implemented.

The course also covers:

There is an extensive accompanying lab which includes many serious projects and utilizes all subjects covered with practical examples.

Course Outline

Week 1 Introduction to Computers and the Internet
Week 2 Introduction to C++ Applications
Week 3 Variables
Week 4 Input, output
Week 5 Control Structures in C++: if else, switch case
Week 6 Loops: while, do while and for
Week 7 Functions
Week 8 Scope, global variables
Week 9 Pointers
Week 10 Arrays
Week 11 Strings
Week 12 Advanced Functions: Recursion
Week 13 Advanced String manipulation
Week 14 Sorting Algorithms
Week 15 Object Oriented Programming


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