Dear Abie,

Sorry I did not write sooner. I had written on paper something but I think it is faster to just email you my response.

You did a really great job of figuring out what the main points of the story are an summarizing them. You show that you read carefully and retained what you read.

I appreciate you good work. Your writing itself was also very good. You did get confused between than and then. "He went to the store and then (az in Hebrew) he
came home." "He is taller than (m in Hebrew) she." Learn that. But otherwise you were writing on a very high level. Your thinking is logical and good. One point in the story you may not have fully understood was that Gray Bear was addicted to whiskey because Beauty Smith had taught him to drink. Thus Smith took advantage of Gray Bear in an unfair way. One question I have for you is do you think the beating that Gray Bear would do was a bad thing or not. If it was good, they why didn't Scott do it? If it was bad then why did White Fang respect Gray Bear so much? How did Scott maintain control without beating? Would you beat your dog if you had one? Maybe it is right to beat a dog. Why yes or why no? Also you wrote that White Fang should have gotten weaker because of his life. In Hebrew they say "Ma shelo horeg m'hashel" Which is true? and How did white fang get so fierce? These are just questions for you to think about, you don't have to answer them.

My grade for you is 90. Very good but still you have room for improving.

For the next book I don't want you to summarize it at all. I want you to describe 3 ways in which Jim Hawkins grows up. What I mean is find 3 events in the book which cause Jim to look at people or life or things in general in a better or more adult way. They could be events where Jim realizes someone he trusted and idealized is not as good as he thought. You should explain what Jim thought before the event and what he thought after, how Jim changed his opinions because of his experiences and why this means he is growing up. Do this for 3 different events

I hope to see you soon. Nachum