Author: Jack London


The story talks about a dog whose father is a wolf. He starts off living in the wild, far away from people, but afterwards he starts getting closer to people. He has three different masters, each of whom treats him differently. The author writes as though he thinks like a human being and has feelings like a human being. Although the story is about a dog, it tells us a lot about people.

White Fang

White Fang’s mother was a dog and his father was a wolf. He was born in a cave, and saw the sunlight for the first time when he was a couple of months old. When White Fang was still very young he would go out to find his own food. One time when he and his mother couldn’t find any food White Fang’s mother decided to go inside a lynx’s cave to eat her babies. So she came inside and killed the baby lynxes and brought them back to the cave. So afterwards the mother lynx came to the cave and she started fighting with White Fang’s mother. There was a terrible fight and White Fang’s mother got wounded, and White Fang tried to help his mother but he also got wounded. But after a long fight, White Fang’s mother killed the lynx.

When White Fang was still a cub, he was captured by Indians. His first master was Gray Beaver. White Fang did not like him because he would beat him whenever he did something wrong. But he accepted him as a master. His master was not his only trouble in the Indian camp. All the dogs used to beat him up, especially an older dog called Lip-lip. Lip-lip was the only dog that was stronger then him. Every time they fought, White Fang would run away to his mother; but after a while they took his mother away and he was left by himself. He had a hiding place where he slept every day. One day he woke up and went back to the village. On the way he looks towards the village and sees nothing there. He forgot that the village was moving. White fang started to run towards the village, and he ran for two days in a row, until by luck he found Gray Beaver.

After a couple of months, Gray Beaver decided to go on a long journey up the Mackenzie River. Grey Beaver went with his son Mit-sah, taking one sled and seven puppies. All the dogs were White Fang’s enemies, and Lip-lip was the worst one of them. Mit-sah liked Lip-lip the most, and Lip-lip became the leader. But after a while White Fang became the leader. When White Fang was a year old they finished the journey.

When White fang was three years old, the Indians couldn’t find any food, and many of them died; Gray Beaver went away with Mit-sah to find food. White Fang ran away to the forest, where he found Lip-lip and killed him. After a time he found Gray Beaver’s new camp. All the dogs hated White fang, and white Fang hated them too. And whenever he got a chance to attack one of them he would attack them. And one time he even killed a dog that was walking by himself.

One day a white man came to gray beaver, and White fang never saw a white man before in his life. His name was Beauty Smith. He wanted to buy White Fang from Gray Beaver, but Gray Beaver did not agree. He said "White Fang is not for sale on any price", he was the strongest dog he had, and the strongest dog he had ever seen. Beauty Smith started to be very friendly to Gray Beaver and to visit him very often. One day he came to visit Gray Beaver when Gray Beaver was very thirsty, and offered again to buy Gray Beaver with lots of bottles of whiskey instead of dollars. And because all Gray Beaver was thinking about was to drink, and he was going to give him so many black bottles of whiskey – he agreed to sell White Fang.

White Fang hated Beauty Smith; he would beat him all the time. Because White Fang was a very strong dog, Beauty Smith would put him in a pen, where they would put another dog together with him, and both of them would fight until one of them dies. And White Fang would always win, so Beauty Smith would win a lot of money every time. Until one day they brought a bull dog, and White Fang had never seen a bull dog before in his life. White Fang thought at first that he’ll win, because his skin was very soft. But he couldn’t get his throat because both his head and his feet were so low. So he tried and tried, but he couldn’t beat him. And after a time the bull dog threw him over, and right before the bull dog would kill White Fang, a man that just arrived yelled "you beasts!" and by that the fight was over. The man pushed over Beauty Smith and made him sell him the dog.

The man’s name was Weedon Scott; he was very nice to White Fang, and he was called the Love Master. But it took a very long time for White Fang to understand that. Because no one was ever nice to him in his life, he did not know what it meant. But after a time, White Fang started to get used to it, and he started to understand that this master is nice unlike his other masters. One time before Weedon Scott and Matt who was the dog musher went to sleep, suddenly they here a cry. They went out the cabin to see what had happened then they saw Beauty Smith on the ground bleeding and White Fang attacking him. On the floor there was a steel dog chain – Beauty Smith had tried to steal White Fang!

One day Weedon Scott had to go away for a long time. So White Fang waited for a long time, and after a while he got sick, and it seemed like he was going to die. But when Weedon Scott came back, suddenly he felt better. Weedon Scott went with White Fang to San Francisco; White Fang didn’t like it at all. Weedon Scott’s father was a judge, and he sent a criminal to prison. And criminal said he’ll kill him when he gets out of jail. after a couple years when he came out of jail he went to kill Weedon Scott’s father. And White Fang was there when he came to kill so he bit the criminal in the throat and killed him, but he was shot too. The doctor said there was no chance for him to live, but because he was such a strong dog – he lived any way!


White Fang had three different masters in his life. His first master, Gray Beaver, treated him like a regular dog. He beat him and gave him food like a regular dog, and was even nice to him whenever he did something good. So White fang listened to him and didn’t run away or try to kill him. His second master, Beauty Smith, treated him very bad. He was tied all the time except when he was in the pen to fight another dog, and when the bull dog was about to kill White Fang, he went into the pen and started kicking White Fang! White Fang would of run away or kill him if he gets a chance. The third master, Weedon Scott, was very nice to him. He gave him plenty of meat, and never beat him about anything. White Fang liked hi so much, that after a while he couldn’t live without him. When Weedon Scott went away for two days White Fang started to get sick and would have died if he would come back a couple days later. When the criminal came in to kill Weedon Scott’s father, white fang risks his life in order to save Weedon Scott’s father.

I think the book is not realistic at all. I think that a dog that fought so many times, and got so many times wounded, after someone shoots him with a gun has no chance to stay alive. And also it’s not realistic when Beauty Smith put him inside the pen and there wasn’t even one dog that was able to kill White Fang who was wounded so many times in his life. Every time that he fights with a dog he gets wounded, so every time he gets weaker.

I liked about the book that he describes the dogs like human beings. For example: when the dogs were carrying the sled, all the dogs wanted to be the leader; they wanted to be in front. The dogs always hated the leader and would try to kill him all the time So it’s like people, that everyone wants to be the leader and be better then everyone and hate who ever is better then them. He describes their feelings like human beings, that they get hurt when someone laughs at them.