Max's Racks

By Dr. Seuss

Max makes racks to hang up slacks.

Trix makes pix of slacks on racks.

Max makes tracks from Trix's pix.

Max comes back to racks with ax.

Max hacks racks with slacks with ax.

Max's ax makes cracks in racks.

Trix makes pix of racks with cracks.

Trix sends pix of racks by fax.

Trix sends fax with facts on racks.

Max's Mom gets pix of racks

Max's Mom gets facts on racks.

Max's Mom goes straight to Jack's

Max's Mom asks Jack "Where's Max?"

Jack tells Mom that Max's out backs.

Mom finds Max out backs with Sax.

Mom says, "Max, you cracked the racks!"

Max says, "Mom, who told you that?"

Mom says "Trix sent pix of racks.

"Trix sent fax with facts on racks."

Max says, "I'll give Trix a whack."

Mom says, "Max, you can't do that!"

Max says, "I'll teach Trix a trick.

" I'll teach Trix to pick up sticks."

The moral is, do not be embarrassed if someone takes a picture.